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Keen Impressions is a third generation owned and operated printer. We started the company in 1981 with a one-color press. “Today we offer everything from the smallest business card to Billboard sized banners. We strive to provide the service that you need” While our motto of “Service and Solutions” remains unchanged, gone are the days of the chemical polluting machinery. We are operating now with environmentally friendly color presses that also include the latest in Digital technology. We strive to produce a quality printed product at competitive pricing. We also challenge ourselves to maintain a high standard of integrity and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. Let us know how we can best serve you today! DI Printing Technology. We have a cleaner way to print. Our Digital printing technology has real environmental benefits. On-press chemistry-free imaging is safer and healthier, improves quality and speeds print time Reduced waste–no chemistry to dispose and fast make ready reduces paper waste Outstanding quality on a wide range of stocks–waterless printing eliminates VOC emissions Get the quantity you need–when you need it, while being environmentally friendly Username .

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